How can I create a market report?

Through your rezora account you may have access to market data local to your area. This feature may not be available to all rezora accounts -- please check with your marketing team if you're not sure.

If your account does have access to this data, the following steps will detail how to take advantage of this feature:

1 - Head to your Marketing Materials page, and click 'Create new marketing piece'.

2 - Using the filters on the left side of your screen, near the very bottom select the checkbox under 'MARKET DATA' for "Statistics". This will filter your view to show you your market-data compatible templates. Select the template of your choosing. Need some help finding good templates to work with? Check out this article here.


3 - Proceed through the steps to name your marketing piece and fill out any editable content, then find your way to the 'Add Market Data' step.


4 - From there, Select a City and then select your zip code[s] (you can select multiple zip codes within that city by Ctrl+clicking on the zip codes. We are not currently able to select zip codes spanning multiple cities).

5 - Select a Residence Type.

6 - Then click Build Report, and allow some time for this data to be compiled. One complete, the market data area of your template will be populated with this data. From here you can send or share your marketing piece normally.

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