How do I add a listing row to my piece?

In the email editor, click on the ROWS tab. Click on the drop down menu and select Dynamic Content.

In the "Content Type" pop-up menu, click Listings to pull up the "Select Listings" pop-up menu.

Locate your listing either by scrolling through your available listings or searching the MLS ID in the Search bar, then click Choose next to the desired listing.

Once you have selected your listing click Apply. This will generate rows populated with the listing's information.

Simply select a row, then drag and drop it into place!





Did you know...

you can choose from and even insert multiple generated listing rows?

After clicking Apply you can browse the rows that generated or search for a row name or keyword to narrow the list. 

You can then use these different row options to put together an eye-catching marketing piece with as much or little of the listing information you'd like!




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