Get More Listings & Referrals Out Of Your Sphere of Influence

Here at rezora, we believe in the idea that marketing to your sphere of influence should be at the center of your business. It is said that over 50% of your business resides in your sphere, so why wouldn’t you?

In fact, we believe that agents should schedule a marketing piece per month to get to know your sphere at a deeper level. What better way to see who is interested than by looking at analytics behind your marketing?

So you have sent out a marketing piece… now what?  It is time to leverage rezora’s most important feature, analytics and reporting. rezora has a number of different analytical features on the dashboard, but what we are going to tell you about is our personal favorite, who is opening my marketing pieces.


Marketing piece

There are a few ways to see this data, the first which we would like to show is on a specific marketing piece. To access your sent marketing pieces:

  1. Click on Lead Nurture
  2. Click on the History tab
  3. Click on the number in the "Opens" and "Clicks" columns to get to know who is opening your marketing pieces
  4. Click Export to download the list, make calls to the individuals on the list and see if they are interested or if they know of anyone who is.  Remember, this is a conversation starter!  You will be surprised at the amount of referrals and new listings that you will get.

This is a fantastic way to be able to push a new listing.





Overall Picture

Another great tip that we have picked up from a top producing agent is that you should look at an aggregate view of all of your marketing efforts. This is a great way to see from a holistic perspective who is engaged and who isn’t.

In order to access this reporting:

  1. Click on Contacts
  2. Click on Advanced
  3. Choose your timeframe and type of engagement (Contacts with a certain amount of "Opens", "Clicks", or contacts that haven't opened or clicked pieces)
  4. Export the list, pick up the phone and make calls
  5. Remember, this a great way to start a conversation. All you need to do is use your script, or if you don’t have one ask “Are you interested in buying or selling your home or know someone who is?” Keep it light and authentic.


Pro tip: Are you noticing that you have people who aren’t opening any of your emails? Create a campaign to get deeper insights, or pick up the phone and give them a call to see what’s going on.

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