Collaborative Marketing

Did you know rezora makes it possible to market on behalf of your agents? Through your admin account (available to both Company and Group Admin accounts), you have the ability of scheduling marketing pieces on behalf of your agents that will reach their Primary Sphere contact list. Here's how to get started:

For Company Admins: How do I schedule a Marketing Piece on behalf of my agents?
For Group Admins: How can I as a Group Admin schedule pieces on behalf of my agents?

With either method, your agents will be involved in the process as well. We recommend coordinating with your team of agents to ensure they have added the proper contacts to their Primary Sphere distribution list. If they need any help with this, please direct them here: What is the “Primary Sphere” distribution list?

The potential here is enormous. If you're curious about the numbers -- head to the Dashboard of your admin account, look for the Marketing Potential at the bottom of the page and you'll see exactly how many contacts are already in your agents' primary spheres, all within reach through the use of collaborative marketing.

Worried about your agents' contact security and privacy? We've got you covered -- through this feature all of your agents' contacts remain safe and secure within their account. While you can reach those contacts by sending on behalf of your agents, all contact data is kept safely secured within those agents' accounts.

There are loads of options for types of materials you could market, but to give a few great examples we've seen over the years -- You can coordinate marketing for important open houses, help your agents become better marketers by making sure they're sending out regular pieces, or even simply make sure agents have a great (and more importantly simple and effort free) option for sending seasonal emails for holidays, etc.

All of the normal rules apply here for template availability and restricting access. However agents will also have the ability to opt out of your scheduled sends at their choosing. By default, if they have access to the piece you're scheduling, they will be opted in.

Some teams prefer to place some of these scheduled pieces into a Campaign. This is especially useful for seasonal pieces, or regular monthly newsletters -- something not all agents may want to take part in. If scheduled pieces are placed within a Campaign, agents will first need to authorize that campaign to gain access to the pieces you've scheduled. If they'd rather not, they can simply ignore the Campaign.

Here are some additional resources for setting up and managing Campaigns in rezora: How do I create and add templates to a campaign?

And for any agents that are interested, here's how they can opt in to a campaign that you've setup: How do I authorize a campaign?

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