Can I still use all my current V2 templates?

With the release of the Zephyr Builder and Zephyr Editor, you may be wondering if you'll still have access to use/edit all of your current V2 templates. The answer to this is a resounding YES.

While we're incredibly excited for you to get your hands on the new product, we also understand and appreciate all the time you've spent creating a library of templates using the current V2 Template Builder. All the templates you have created aren't going anywhere, and you can still edit and create templates as normal with the current V2 Template Builder.

Truly, the only thing that is changing with V2 templates, is that they are now labeled "Legacy" instead of V2. The last thing we want to do is limit your usability of rezora, or cause any downtime as you begin to switch over to using the new and improved version of the Template Builder and Email Editor.

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