Just how reliable is my content in the new Zephyr Builder and Zephyr Editor?

In a word, VERY. But you're probably looking for a few more words than that.

Here at rezora we know how important it is to be able to rely on the format and design of the content you've built. There's about nothing worse than sending an email only to have it come out looking drastically different than what you've designed. There are many reasons this can happen, but with the Zephyr Editor and Zephyr Builder we've taken all the guesswork out of this. How, exactly?

In short, the Zephyr Builder and Zephyr Editor environments are built off the back of code that is tested in an extreme multitude of email clients, to ensure the highest level of reliability for your design. Multiple third party email-testing applications, such as Litmus and EmailOnAcid, have been used to ensure that any content created will render correctly and consistently across the board. As email clients are updated and new versions are released, our code is continually updated as well using the same rigorous testing to guarantee we're keeping up with all the changes in the email community.

Ultimately what this means for you -- better reliability in your design, and less testing needed so you can get your marketing piece out there sooner and more worry-free.

If you're curious for the details on where this testing takes place, please see the following links:

Which email clients are we testing on through Litmus?

Which email clients are we testing on through Email On Acid (click VIEW FULL CLIENT LIST)?

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