What are Dynamic Tags and how do I use them? (Zephyr Builder)

Dynamic Tags allow you to pull in information from sources like a Listing, Article, or Agent Profile within a template. They are utilized either within Text Content Blocks or when an image has had the "Dynamic Image" toggle activated.

These tags function as "stand ins" for content and will be replaced with real content when an Agent uses your template to create a new Marketing Piece. They can be used to pull in information from Listings, Agent Profiles, or Articles.

Hashtags can be added to your content a few different ways. We'll start with Text Content then move into how to use Dynamic Tags to create Dynamic Images.

How to add a tag to Text Content 

The Dynamic Tags Button


When editing a template, click the Dynamic Tags button at the top of the builder to access the Dynamic Tags menu. Browse or search the available options, then click the "Clipboard" icon next to a tag to copy it. 


Then simply paste the tag into place using the Paste keyboard shortcut (PC: Ctrl+V -- Mac: Command+V )

Don't forget to Save your row if you'd like to add it to the available Dynamic Content row options for your agents!


Alternate Method: Directly Inside a Text Content Block

In a Text Content Block, you can insert a tag directly using the "Additional Content" option. 

First click where you want to insert the tag, then click Additional Content to reach the Dynamic Tagsmenu. Clicking the 2019-12-12_12-11-45.png button will insert the tag.

Don't forget to Save your row if you'd like to add it to the available Dynamic Content row options for your agents!


Types of Tags


Tags can pull in information from a few different sources. Here are the current tag "categories" available on the HASHTAGS menu:

  • Agent - Tags in this category pull in information from the agent's rezora account. Think name, title, email address, profile photo, etc.
  • Article - Tags in this category tag pull in information from an articles in your selected National, Local, and Custom RSS feeds you have set up for your brokerage. For more info check out this article here: How Do I Add RSS News Feeds
  • Listing - Tags in this category pull information directly from listings available to the agent. Think Listing Address, Price, Bed/Bath Count, etc.
  • Logo - This category will pull your default company logos, with a preview of the logo you're choosing so you can make sure you're choosing the right one.
  • General - This category is where special tags are contained. Things like the email subject line, current date, etc.

How to use Dynamic Tags to create Dynamic Images

Adding a Placeholder Image

Before you can make an image dynamic to automatically pull in that content, you'll need to add a placeholder image. Ideally, this placeholder will be roughly the same size and aspect ratio of the final image. This placeholder will only be displayed in the Template here in the admin account, not in the final marketing pieces for agents.

  • Helpful Tip: If your MLS has a standard image ratio, consider using an image from a listing in your MLS as your placeholder. If you have a standard agent head-shot size, use an existing agent's photo. 

Add an Image Content Block to your row, then click "Browse", locate your file, then click "Insert".

For more on how to add an image to an Image Content Block, check out the following article: How Do I Add An Image?


Adding a Dynamic Tag to your Placeholder

Now that your placeholder is in place, click the image again to view the Content Properties menu.

Click the "Dynamic image" toggle, then click the Dynamic Tags button at the top of the builder. Find the specific tag you'd like to add and click the clipboard icon to copy it to your clipboard. 

Head to the Dynamic Url field and paste the tag. With this tag added to the Dynamic Url field, the image is now setup to pull in content when an agent goes to use it.

  • Helpful Tip: You can use the HASHTAGS menu search bar to search for the word "photo" to quickly locate an image tag. 

Don't forget to Save your row if you'd like to add it to the available Dynamic Content row options for your agents!





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