How do I save a row? (Zephyr Builder)

Saving your row

So you've created a fantastic row that you want to be able to use again and again in the future. Well, it's a great thing that you have access to our "Save Row" feature!

To save a row in your Company Admin account, click on the very right hand side of the row in question. You should see three icons appear: Save, Delete, and Copy.

Clicking the save icon will open up the Save Row menu. Here you'll title your row, select the Row Type, and add any keywords. More on Row Type and Keywords below.



Row Type

You have three choices here: Header, Footer, or Body Content. Consider these as folders for your row. They don't change any of the content within them, only where you'll need to look for them the next time you go to use them. 

When looking for this row later, head to Rows then change the menu from Empty to the row type of your choice.



Want to make your content even easier for you or your agents to find in the future? Add some keywords!

In the Keywords for row search area, enter some unique words for this specific row. Keywords are separated by spaces, so if you want to include a phrase combine the words with underscores ( _ ) or hyphens ( - ) to keep your text as one long string!

Next time you're looking for your template, use the Search by keyword bar to pull up your row in a jiffy. :-)


Making Changes to your Row (after saving)

You're perfect! But we understand that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. That's why we give you the ability to make changes to a row after you save it!

You'll start by either heading to the template where you originally saved the row or using the handy Row Type and Keywords that you set up previously to help you locate and add the row to a new template.

Make your changes, then click to the right of the row. Click the Save icon to view the Save Row menu. Here you can choose to create a new row with your changes, or Update existing to save over the old row*. 

Edit the Title or Keywords as you'd like, then click Save. Voila! You've updated a row!


*Updating the existing row will save your changes for the next time you use the row. If the row you updated was already used in a template, you'll need to hop back in that template and add your newly updated row!






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