Quick Start: Retargeting

What is Retargeting?
The Basics

Retargeting is a type of display advertising for a targeted audience.  It is an optional subscription you can signup for in rezora, and you'll be able to create your display ads, choose which website they link to, and get valuable analytics info on where they are displayed on over 200,000 websites.
Retargeting has been shown to be very effective at enhancing both your and your company's brand.
Quick Introduction
Check out this quick video on how retargeting works:
Let's Get Started!
Signing Up
To signup for your retargeting campaign, head to Marketing Materials >> Retargeting Campaigns, and then click Create New Retargeting Campaign.
Customizing the Campaign
When you create the retargeting campaign, you'll need to set a Title and URL.  The title is the label it will have in your rezora account, and the URL is the website that your display ads will be linked to.  Anyone who clicks on one of your display ads will be taken to that website.
Want to edit your campaign title or URL?  Head to Marketing Materials > Retargeting Campaigns, and then click the title of the campaign.
Creating Your Display Ads
Method One: Workflow
The quickest way to create your display ads is using the rezora Workflow feature.
This option allows you to create your display ads very quickly.  Check out this video to see exactly how easy it is:
Method Two: Marketing Piece
Another way you can create display ads is with a marketing piece.
This option gives you more control over which templates/designs are used.  Check out this video to see exactly how easy it is:
Maximizing your Retargeting Audience
Who will see my ads?
Retargeting is a targeted form of display advertising.  The people that can see your display ads are called your Retargeting Audience, and knowing how to increase that audience is essential to getting the most from your campaign!
Any contact that opens your marketing piece email will be added to your retargeting audience.
If you share a marketing piece on social media, anyone who clicks on your post will be added to your retargeting audience.
With this in mind, you'll want to aim for the highest open rate possible on your sent marketing pieces, and make sure to share your piece on social media sites for maximum effect.
Retargeting Plus
If you're interested in maximizing your retargeting audience potential, another great option is to choose the "Retargeting Plus" option when you signup for your campaign.
Retargeting Plus includes the same features as the Retargeting Basic subscription, however it will also provide you with a third way to increase your Retargeting Audience: through your website.
When you signup for Retargeting Plus, you will be provided with some code that can be added to your website.  Once done, anyone who visits your website will be added to your Retargeting Audience.
Retargeting Plus has an increased monthly cost, however it's a fantastic way to really increase your audience size, especially if your website gets a lot of web traffic.
Follow Up!
Awesome Analytics
Retargeting is an amazing feature, and one of the best parts is the analytics you get back from your live ads.
On your Dashboard, you can see how many times your ads were served in a period of time, the open and click rates, and even a list of the websites they were displayed on!
Want more detail? Head to Marketing Materials >> Retargeting Campaigns and click on the title of your campaign.  On this details page, you can see a breakdown of views and clicks for each ad.
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