How do I make an image dynamic? (Zephyr)

You're creating a template or row for your agents to use, but you want that row to pull in an image from either the agent's profile or one of their listings. 

Well you're in the right place! Zephyr allows you to set an image as "Dynamic" and associate a tag with the photo. With an image marked as dynamic and a tag in place, your agents should see their content replaced when they use the row in a marketing piece. 

When putting together your row, you'll want to make sure to start by Inserting a Placeholder. Then you will go through the steps of Making the Image Dynamic and Adding Dynamic Tag.


Inserting a Placeholder


In order to make an image dynamic, you'll first need to add a placeholder. This can be any image really, as it will be replaced with the appropriate listing or agent image in the end. But generally, we recommend adding an image of the same rough proportions as the final image.

We'll start by heading to the Content tab and dragging in an Image content block. Once that is in place, you'll click Browse.

Head to the Folder of your choice, then select the image you'd like to use as a placeholder.

If you have an example listing image or agent profile photo, that could be a great placeholder for the final dynamic image. Alternatively, you can use a stock photo using our Search free photos feature.





Making the image dynamic and adding a tag

Now that you have your placeholder in place, we can mark it as "dynamic" and link it to a tag to get it all ready to pull in an image when it is finally used by an agent. 

With the Image Block selected, look to the Content Properties menu to the right and check the Dynamic image toggle to the on position. This will create a "Dynamic URL" box for you to fill.

Use the #Dynamic Tags button at the top of the page to access our "tags" list. 

In the Dynamic Tags  pop-up modal, make sure to set the tag type (Agent, Listing, Article, etc) for the specific content that you are looking to pull in. 

  • To pull in the agent's profile image, use the drop down menu to select the Agents option.
  • To pull in listing images, make sure to select the Listing option.

NOTE: We advise against using multiple tag types in a single row. Listing tags and Agent tags function differently and combining the two in the same row or content block could result in display issues in the final piece.

You can search the word "photo" in the search bar to quickly locate the appropriate tag and copy it to your clipboard.

Finally, paste the Dynamic Tag into the Dynamic URL field to make your photo Dynamic. Don't forget to Save your row and template!




Want to see how your agents will use your new row with a dynamic tag?


Head to the Sales Agents page, assume into an agents account, then try it out in a piece.

For specific instruction, check out our "How Do I Add A Listing?" and "How Do I Add My Contact Info To The Footer?" articles!

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