Updates to adding listing slots in a Zephyr Template (and also articles, and agents!)

We've made some changes! As of April 23rd, you are now able to leave listing slots (and articles, and agents) in a template. But let's add a bit of context to this change to understand why it's important.

When we first released Zephyr, while you could leave some dynamic listing tags in a template, it wouldn't really do you much good (unless you were creating a listing automation template). While you could leave those tags in the template, agents wouldn't be able to use them as you might have intended. A lot of you found that a pretty confusing, especially since this is the way it worked before Zephyr came around. We agree, actually, and that's why we've changed things.

What's changed:

With this latest update, you absolutely can leave listing slots, as well as article slots, and agent slots in a template for your agents to use. Now, instead of those dynamic tags staying around like those leftovers you know you should toss out, when an agent begins to use that template they'll be immediately prompted to fill out those spots for listings, articles, and agents that you've left for them.

Agent can certainly still add all of this content through the use of dynamic rows, but now they have both options at their fingertips.

There are certainly advantages to both options (adding through slots you've created in the template, and adding through the use of dynamic rows), so feel free to experiment, and find which options work best for you. If you're more eager to lock down content so agents have less ability to alter your amazing designs? You may wish to go with the new route, adding these slots to a template, and making it so the template can't have any other rows added to it.

On the other hand, maybe you prefer to let agents dictate themselves how many listings, articles, or agents they'll put into a template, so you simply give them the tools to create what they want.

Or maybe you're somewhere in the middle -- in any case, rezora and Zephyr now allow you much greater control over this, and we hope you like these changes.

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