Template Types - a thing of the past? FAQs on template types updates

When we first released the Zephyr Builder, along with it came two types of templates you could create:

Sent by Agents
Sent by Automation

With plenty of feedback from you, we decided that this could be better, and quickly set out to effectively eliminate the two types, consolidating them into a single template type. No more needing to create two separate templates, using two different tags, etc. As of April 23rd, we have combined the two types of templates into a single universal format. Read on for more details on what exactly this means for you.

What happens to all of my current templates?
Glad you asked, and we have some good news on this one. If you've been using Zephyr a lot up to this point, you probably already have some templates created in both types (sent by agents, and sent by automation).
When we made this change, we automatically updated all templates into one consistent type, with no action required by you. Now, all templates will simply be this 'universal' type, so it can be used for any purpose you may require for it.

My agents didn't have access to my 'Sent By Automation' type templates before, do they now after these changes?
No -- but you can allow them access if you want.
When we converted all 'sent by automation' type templates to the new universal format, we made sure to keep these templates restricted only to your admin account. The only caveat to this is if you had them listed as one of your 'listing automation' templates, in which case they would still be able to use that template when using a listing automation.
Outside of that caveat, only your admin will have access to these templates. But, if you want to give access to these to your agents, you can certainly do so by heading to the template, and editing the access given to that template.

I'm seeing some of my templates listed twice now -- why?
You may have been creating two templates in the past where there is only one needed now. Before, you may have created a template in both the sent by agents, and sent by automation types. If so, as we ran that automatic conversion, you may now be seeing two rather identical templates. If you feel that you only need one of them now, feel free to archive the other to clear up some clutter.

So now I can use any template for listing automation?
Yep! (though do please read on) Previously you would have needed to create a 'sent by automation' type template to serve as a listing automation template. Now, you can choose any template you like -- BUT, the same rules still apply, as it must have 1 listing spot contained in it, and must be unrestricted to all of your agent accounts.

How can I create a static template, or something I can schedule from my admin account on behalf of my agents?
Previously this would have needed to be a 'sent by automation' template as well, however with our changes, you can now create a static and schedule-able piece from any template you have created in your admin account.

I love it!
We do too!

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