Searching for a Listing by MLS ID (Zephyr)

If the listing you are looking to highlight in your marketing piece is NOT associated with your MLS Agent ID (for example, you are on the buy side and you're sending over properties for your customer to peruse) - you can search for and add a listing by using the "Search by MLS#" feature.

 Specifically how you will search for a listing may depend on where you are in the marketing piece creation process. 

If you have just started a piece and are being prompted to CHOOSE YOUR LISTING(S) check out the "In "Create New Marketing Piece" Flow:" section below.

If you are currently editing your Zephyr piece and have the ability to add new rows, check out the "When Adding "Dynamic Content" Rows" section below for direct guidance.


In "Create New Marketing Piece" Flow:

If you've selected a template that by default houses one or more listings, you'll select your listings before the piece is fully created. 

On the first step, you'll be prompted to CHOOSE YOUR LISTING(S) -- If you have an Agent ID present in your account, you'll see your currently active listings pull in by default. 

To search for one or more listings, simply make sure you have the proper Listing Type selected, then enter your listing (MLS) ID in the search field, then click Search. If you have more than one listing separate each Listing ID with a space or comma before clicking Search.




When Adding "Dynamic Content" Rows:

If you've already started a piece and you are able to add new Dynamic Content rows, you can search by MLS ID when you are choosing your listings.

After selecting the Listings content type, you can click within the "Search" area at the to left of the "Select Listings", enter your Listing (MLS) ID, make sure the "Type" is set to the listing type you are looking for, then click Search. You'll then be able to "Choose" your listing to generate some listing rows!



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