Row Manager (Zephyr Builder)

So you've made some rows, and they're awesome, but you're wondering if there's somewhere you can go to see all of your hard work in one place?

You're in luck! You'll want to check out your 'row manager', by hovering over Templates > Row Manager.


Here you'll find a list of all of your account's rows, along with several filters on the left to help you trim down the list that you're viewing.

On any row, you can click on the row to view details about said row, along with perform several new actions all within this interface:


Here you can rename the row, apply some keywords, adjust the visibility (to determine if the row is available to only admins, or all users), and even EDIT the row!

Keep in mind, you only have the ability to edit rows that you have created from your own admin account.




To edit the row, simply click on the row, then select 'edit'. If you do not see this option available, you may not have authority to edit that particular row, due to it being created at a higher level than your admin account.

Once editing, you'll be brought into a dedicated environment to edit your row. You can make all the usual changes, and make sure to save them when you're done!

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