Uploading your contacts into rezora



The video above will take you through the whole process from start to finish, but just in case you're more of a text-based learner, you can follow the steps below:


Head to Contacts >> Import Contacts >> Import from CSV File This page provides a good overview for the upcoming process. If you don't have a good file to work from, you can export a file from whatever program you are using (Gmail, Outlook, etc) or simply click the "download our empty CSV template here"  text in Step 1 to download a blank CSV file that you can use as a guide.

When you've got a csv file of your contacts saved and ready to go, click the Begin_importing.png button to start the process.

You'll see a "Bulk add Contacts" modal appear. Here you can click the upload_data_from_file.png button to browse your computer and select the file you'd like to import. After selecting your file, you'll automatically be taken to the Match step.

Our system has tried to match the fields in the file you selected to the field names within our system. The Match step allows you to match the field title from your file (LEFT) to the field in our system (RIGHT). Click the down arrow to the right of the field name to change the rezora field. If you're not sure if the field is right, look at the example data below to confirm.


We do our best to match the column title to a valid field in our system. Click confirm_mapping.png for each field you'd like to import. 

If you want to ignore a data field from your CSV file, click ignore_this_column.png.

When your fields are all matched up, click review.png to move onto the next step. Any fields that you clicked the confirm_mapping.png button on will be saved for next time. Now you can review the fields as you have selected them.

On this next page, you are able to see your file's contact data organized out into the columns you selected. You can toggle the only_show_reports_with_problems.png option to view contacts with email addresses that appear to be invalid (missing an @, no email address present, etc). You can make any final changes to the data here before importing, allowing you to fix any obvious issues with the email address. 

Click continue.png to be taken to the final page of the import process. If there are any rows with recognized problems in the E-mail Address column, you'll be prompted to either go back to fix them, or ignore them and not import them as contacts.

On this final page, you'll make a few final decisions. How we should proceed if any of the contacts in your file already exist as contacts in rezora, and which lists/spheres you want the contacts added to.

Step 3 : Let us know how we should handle CSV contacts that already exist in your rezora account.


On this step, you are telling us what to do if contacts already exist, the options are:

  • Keep CSV contacts - If the file you are importing has the most up to date information on your contacts, keep this option clicked.
  • Keep existing rezora contacts - If you're importing an old file or you do not want to update existing contact information for any other reason, this may be the option for you.



Step 4 : Tell us if you’d like to add these new contacts to a List or Sphere (recommended).

On this final step, you can specify which, if any, lists and spheres you'd like to add this list of contacts to. Click the add_to_lists_or_spheres.png button to select existing lists or spheres, or click create_a_new_list.png to create a new list.

Tip: You can select multiple lists or spheres at a time!



Once you've selected selected lists and spheres (or opted not to) you can click the execute_import.png to import your contact file!


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