How do I reverse stacking on mobile?


A staggered "Left: Image | Right: Text" row followed by another row with "Left: Text | Right: Image" can really catch the eye when viewed on a computer, but when viewed in a mobile environment when all of the content is in a single column, it can lead to a bit of a confusing display ("Image | Text | Text | Image").

This is due to the way that mobile content is sorted by default. When content is re-arranged to be a single column, all of the content will be sorted by columns, from left to right, then by rows. Previously to get around this sort of design complication, you may have played around with mobile or desktop only content to get everything looking just right. 

No longer!

With the Zephyr "Reverse stack order on mobile" feature, you can set a row to sort columns in the opposite order, from right to left. This can be just what you need to give the desktop view of your marketing piece some pep, without sacrificing the experience of your mobile contacts.

To give it a try, click out to the right of the row that you would like to change to view the "Row Properties" menu. Within the first section of options, you'll now see the "Reverse stack order on mobile" toggle. Toggling this option "on" will change the stack order of the piece to be sorted in columns from right to left.



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