How do I add, delete, resize, or otherwise adjust columns in this row?



Have you ever been building your marketing piece and realized that your design would look best with an additional column, fewer columns, or with some column resizing? I'm happy to say you can now directly add, delete, and resize columns directly in the Zephyr editor.




All of these settings are controlled on a per-row basis, meaning you'll make the adjustment after first selecting the row in question. Identify the area you'd like to change, then click just out to the right side of the content to select the row and view its "Row Properties". Here you'll find the new Customize Columns option. 


With this feature, you are able to:



Add a Column



After selecting the row to which you'd like to add a column, look for the Customize Columns section of the Row Properties. Click "+ Add new" to add a new column. Drag the border between columns to adjust the column spacing. 



Delete a Column




If you have a column that is now unnecessary or complicates your design too much, it is easier than ever to delete a column. Simply click out to the right of the row in question and head to the Customize Columns section of "Row Properties".

In the Customize Columns area, click on the representation of the column you want to delete, then click the Delete button below to delete the column and all of its contents.

This will delete the column and all of its content, so make sure to move any content you would like to keep before deleting the column.



Adjust Column Sizes




If you need to make a quick adjustment to the size of columns in a row, simply make sure you have the correct row selected, head to the Customize Columns area of the Row Properties menu, and then drag the dividers between the column representations to resize.

Any changes you make are live in the piece immediately, so drag the dividers while looking at the main content to adjust until it looks good. 

Note: If you are adjusting the column sizing in an area that has three or more columns, you may have to adjust more than one column divider to get the exact ratio you like.

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