Video: Logging in and initial account settings

In this video, we'll cover your first time logging in and making sure your username is set to a deliverable address. We'll also look at a couple of other important account settings.




Hi there, Logan here with rezora support, in this video we'll be covering a few items you'll want ot make sure you cover the first time you login to your rezora account. Let's get logged in here and take a look.

Now that we're logged in, we'll want to head over to our Account page, which can be found with this option here, or by clicking Account Information, both of which will take us to the same page.

The first order of business is ensuring our username is one we can receive emails at. It's used for logging in, but it's also used for password resets, as well as activity report emails, which can be opted into here.

Once you have that set as a good email address, go ahead and save your changes here, and while we're at it, make sure you're using a safe and secure password.

The last options we want to talk about here, are both Brand Scheduling, and Allow Login Access, which are both used if your rezora system is a part of a larger brand system.

Allow brand scheduling will allow your brand team to schedule emails on behalf of your company. And allow brand access will allow your brand admin to assume into your account. We recommend enabling both of these features so you can take advantage of your brand setup in rezora, if this is applicable to your system setup.

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