Video: Company Settings (Company Spheres, RSS News Feeds, Fonts, and Online Links)


In this video, we'll cover some important Company Settings such as Company Spheres, RSS News Feeds, Fonts, and Online Links




Hi there, Logan here with rezora support, in this video we'll be covering some company settings that you'll want to make sure are correct when you first start using your admin account. To get started, we'll go ahead and hover over the Account menu here, and then click Company Settings, which will first take us to the Company Spheres setting.

Company Spheres are lists your agents can place contacts into that will then receive company scheduled marketing pieces that you schedule from your admin account. Holiday, or seasonal pieces are the most common types of these, however there are many other uses for this feature. All accounts include a primary sphere by default, but as needed you can add additional spheres to help your agents segment their contacts better for any company scheduled sends you plan to create for them in the future.

The next area we'll cover is RSS News Feeds. These RSS News Feeds will allow you and your agents to easily pull in articles from various news sources. We recommend setting up at least a few national feeds, adding your local areas here, and then any custom feeds or blogs you'd like to pull from as well.

Next we'll talk about Fonts, or more specifically Google or Web Fonts, which can be added to your account to help customize your text further. Please do note, as with all google fonts, there are some restrictions as some email clients may not display these correctly and instead may default back to a sans serif font. If you do wish to add some fonts, you can do so with this 'add new font' button here, or if you need any guidance on gathering the correct data to enter them, you can click here for our step by step instructions.

The final area we'll talk about are Online Links. Most rezora marketing pieces will include a set of social icons that will link automatically to the social site that that agent has entered on their personal rezora profile. However, in the event that that agent has not filled out all of those links, we will isntead use the links provided here as a fallback. For example, if the agent has not entered a facebook link on their profile, we will instead use the link you've entered here. As a final fallback, if the link is missing from both the agent's profile as well as our company settings, we finally fallback to the website entered here. We recommend filling these out as completely as possible, to ensure that every social link in a marketing piece sent from your system will link to a properly branded page.

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