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In this video, we'll cover how to best use Collections in rezora.





Hi there!

Danny here with rezora Support. In this video, we'll be talking about Collections.

Collections are effectively a grouping of templates that you can provide to agents with an "Opt-In" mechanism on the agent side.

We are on the "Reporting & Scheduling* page, which is found under "Templates > Collections > Reporting & Scheduling" in the drop-down menu here.

As we can see, we've already got a Holiday Suite, which is one of the more common uses for a Collection.

Let's go ahead and run through the process of creating a new Collection. I'm going to set this one up for Thanksgiving 2021.

We can give it some details here if we want, though I'll leave that blank for this example.

We WILL need to give the Collection a Start and Stop Date for it to be "Activated". Optionally, we can make this private so we can restrict who has access to this Collection. For now, I'm going to leave this unchecked.

Once this Collection has been created and in an "Active" status (meaning we are within the time period of the "Start and Stop" date), we want to add some Templates to it, which is going to be done under "Templates > Collections > Manage Collections"

On the right side here, we'll see all of our active Collections and, on the left side, we'll see all of our available marketing materials or templates to choose from.

So let's go ahead and open up that Thanksgiving Collection here on the right-hand side, search for our Thanksgiving piece, which I created separately. We do get a few options here as there are multiple templates with "Thanksgiving" in the title.

If we're ever not sure which one, we can open up the template by clicking on the title here. I like to "Right Click" on it to open it in a new tab, that way we don't lose our spot here.

As we look at this template, I see this is the one we were looking for, so great! Let's head back here and add it to that Collection. And Ok! This is all set.

Generally, Collections will have many more templates than just one, but I only did one for this example here.

I'm going to hop over and get into an agent account so we can see what this looks like from their side.

Alrighty, so here we are in an agent account. To view Collections, I am going to head to "Lead Nurture > Collections". We see our options here. The one we are looking for, of course, is Thanksgiving 2021, which we will "Authorize" and confirm. That authorization will grant us, as an agent, access to all of the templates that were in that Collection.

This one, in particular, carried a Company Scheduled Marketing Piece for Thanksgiving, so if we head over to our Lead Nurture page, under the "Scheduled" section, we'll see that "Happy Thanksgiving" piece.

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