Managing Template Categories (Video)


Template Categories are managed by the company admin. Company admins can go to Templates >> Manage Categories, and drag templates from the left to the category on the right.

Sample categories: holiday, property templates, simple, editable, etc.

In this video, we'll cover how to effectively use Categories to help your agents find the templates they're looking for.




Hi there! Danny here with rezora Support. In this video, we'll be discussing Categories, which are a great way to segment your templates so that agents can more easily find what they are looking for.

This is all managed from under "Templates" > "Manage Categories" On this page, our Categories are shown on the right side and our templates on the left side. You'll see in this system, we already have a couple of Categories already created, "General Listing" and "Holiday Suite". We can see the number of templates listed here under "Items"

If we'd like to create a new Category, that is done by clicking "New" here in the Categories area on the right. It opens up this "New" box here where we can give the new category a name, which I am going to name "Test" today. We'll click "Save" and the new Category is created.

We can now assign templates by dragging and dropping them from the "Templates" area to the left into the Category on the right. We can search for them by name if we are looking for any specific templates. However, in this example, I am going to use the "Blank Stationery" template to get us started.

Now, to see what that looks like for agents, we can head to "Lead Nurture" to create a new marketing piece. We will scroll down on the "Template Selection" page to look for the "Categories" filter on the left. If we select that "Test" one here, we should see only that "Blank Stationery" template as an option.

We recommend creating as many Categories as makes sense to ensure that your agents can easily find what they are looking for, but we also recommend not going too far overboard as to not overload your agents with too much information.

If you do, no worries, you can delete Categories at any time by simply heading to the Manage Categories page, clicking "Delete" next to the Category in question, then confirming in the pop-up modal. I do like to note that deleting a Category does not make any changes to the templates within the category.


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