Does my company have the Drip Campaigns feature?


Drip Campaigns a new feature in rezora that allows your marketer to create a marketing experience (Journey) that is customized to each individual contact. Exciting, right? But how do you know if your company has that feature?

The best way to see if your company has enrolled in the Drip Campaigns feature is to click on Drip Campaigns in the Navigation Bar.




If your company is not yet enrolled in Drip Campaigns, you'll see a modal appear on the next page with a call to action to Notify my marketer. You can use that button to send an automated email to your marketing team expressing your interest in the feature. Of course, you can also directly reach out to your marketing team as well.


If your company is enrolled in Drip Campaigns, you'll see the page fully load in with any currently active Drip Campaigns



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