Adding a contact to a Drip Campaign "Journey"

So you're company has enrolled in the new Drip Campaigns feature and has prepared some campaigns for you to use? How do you actually go about it?

To start, you'll want to make sure to know exactly what you're enrolling your contact into. Once you know if the campaign is right for your contact, you can enroll them in a journey.


Reviewing the Campaign and Starting a Drip Journey are detailed in the sections below. If you're already familiar with how to review the campaign, click here to skip to instructions on Starting a Drip Journey.



Reviewing the Campaign

Just like in your regular marketing efforts, you want to make sure you're providing the most relevant content for any given contact. After all, would you want your new buyers to receive "Thank you for selling through us" emails?

To start, click on Drip Campaigns in the Navigation bar to reach the "Drip Campaigns | Active" page. 




On this page, you can view the different Drip Campaigns created by your marketing team that are currently available to you. 

To get more information on the campaign: 

  1. Click on the Drip Campaign Title, or
  2. Click the View button next to move directly to seeing the campaign's steps.



Clicking on the Drip Campaign Title will take you to a page where you can view more detailed statistics about the campaign's performance. You can also click the View Drip Campaign button on the left to view the individual steps.


Work your way from the Start at the top of the page through each step, clicking on each step and previewing each EmailClick here for more info on how to preview an Email in a Drip Campaign.

You can click on Wait steps to see the individual wait periods after any given action. 

Branch steps will direct your contacts down a particular path depending on whether or not they engage in a certain action. Read the "Conditions" area in a Branch step for more info.


If you're satisfied that this Drip Campaign Journey is valuable for your contact, you can continue to the next step. If not, head back to the main Drip Campaigns page to see if you can find a more fitting campaign for your contact.


Starting a Drip Journey


Now that you're aware of what content you'll be sharing with your contact by adding them to a particular Drip Campaign Journey, it is time to get them started.

Click the Add Contacts button next to the View button on the "Active Drip Campaigns" page. You'll see a modal appear with your Contacts and Distribution Lists on the left, and an area for selected contacts on the right.

To select individual contacts, you can search the contact name or email address in the search field above to find the contact then click the blue Add button to the right of the contact.

If you'd like to select multiple contacts at the same time, check the box to the left of the contacts in question. With the specific contacts selected, click the "Add" option at the top and choose to Add selected X contacts.

You can narrow down your view to contacts in a particular list by utilizing the "Distribution Lists" checkboxes on the left to filter your contacts. With the Distribution List(s) selected on the left, click the "Add" option at the top and choose to Add ALL X contacts.

This adds the contacts to your selection. Finally, to start the selected contacts on the drip journey, click the blue Save Changes button. 

Note: You can select more than one contact or more than one distribution list at a time using the checkboxes, just make sure you're choosing the correct "Add" option.




You can also add individual contacts to Drip Journeys via the Contact Details page. To do so, head to the Contacts page and find the contact you'd like to start on a Journey. Click on their name to reach the Contact Details page.

You'll see an area on the right under the main contact information titled Drip Journeys. Use the Drop-down menu to select the Journey of your choice and click the "Start Journey" button to start delivering content to them following the Drip Journey's schedule!




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