Navigation Changes: "Where is X?" FAQ (Agent Account)



We've made some changes to the Navigation Bar within rezora. Don't worry, everything you had access to is still there, it might just be in a slightly different place or have a different name in the Navigation Bar. 

Feel free to scroll through the page below, or click on a specific option in the index below to go directly to the relevant question.


Where are my Marketing Pieces?

The Marketing Pieces header is now called "Lead Nurture".

To reach your Scheduled pieces, Started pieces, and History, click "Lead Nurture" or "Manage Marketing Pieces" under the Lead Nurture header.





Where do I go to create a New Marketing Piece?

You'll create new marketing pieces from scratch (or by copying old pieces) through the Lead Nurture header. 


Either hover over Lead Nurture and click Create New Marketing Piece or utilize the Create New Marketing Piece button on the Dashboard or Manage Marketing Pieces page.






Where do I find my company's prepared Collections? (formerly known as "Campaigns")

What were formerly known as "Campaigns" are now called "Collections".

To access, authorize, or deauthorize a company prepared Collection, hover over Lead Nurture and click the "Collections" option.





Where is Listing Automation?

Listing Automation has been moved out from under the old Marketing Pieces section to its own section, Automation


To access, click Automation or hover over Automation and click Listing Automation.






What are Drip Campaigns?

Drip Campaigns are a new feature we're releasing along with these navigation changes. If you're interested, please head to this page within your account to notify your marketer of your interest!







Can't find something and it isn't mentioned here?

Feel free to reach out to us at! We're happy to point you in the right direction.

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