Navigation Changes: "Where Is X?" FAQ (Company Admin)



We've made some changes to the Navigation Bar within rezora. Don't worry, everything you had access to is still there, it might just be in a slightly different place or have a different name in the Navigation Bar.

Feel free to scroll through this page, or click on a specific option in the question index below to go directly to the relevant question.



Where is the Templates header?

With the re-organization of the Navigation bar, we've simply shifted the Templates page to the right a bit. 





Where is the Marketing Pieces header?

The Marketing Pieces header is now called Lead Nurture. Clicking on Lead Nurture will take you directly to the Manage Marketing Pieces page. Alternatively, you can hover over Lead Nurture and click Manage Marketing Pieces to reach that page.





Where is the Groups header?

The Groups page can now be located under the Agents header. 

To access, hover over Agents, then hover over Groups, there you'll find the same Groups page options. 






Where is the Campaigns header? (Collections)

To more accurately describe their purpose and use, Campaigns are now called Collections and have been relocated to the Templates header.

While the terminology has shifted slightly, you'll still see have the same options for interacting with Collections.

To access the Collections menu, hover over the Templates header, then hover over Collections






Where are the Manage Template Access options?

The Manage Template Access options (Manage Agent Access and Manage Group Access) have been moved under the Templates header. 

To access, hover over Templates, then hover over Manage Template Access to choose between the Manage Agent Access and Manage Group Access pages.






Where is the Manage Categories page?

You'll find the Manage Categories page under the Templates header now. 

To access, simply hover over Templates, then click Manage Categories.






Where is the Listing Automation page?

Listing Automation is now contained within the new Automation header. You can also still access Listing Automation through the Account menu at the top right.






Where is the Sales Agents header? (Agents)

Sales Agents is now the Agents header. You'll find the same options from before, as well as the options formerly under the Groups header.






Where do I go if I want to order a Custom Template?

The Order Custom Template page is now located under the Get More Templates sub-menu of the Templates header.






Where do I go to access free, pre-built templates? (Template Gallery)

The Template Gallery is now located under the Get More Templates sub-menu of the Templates header.

To access, hover over Templates, then hover over Get More Templates and click on the Template Gallery.






What are Drip Campaigns?

Drip Campaigns are a new feature we're releasing along with these navigation changes. You learn more about this feature HERE. Please contact your account manager or, if you're interested!







Can't find something and it isn't mentioned here?

Feel free to reach out to us at! We're happy to point you in the right direction.


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