Quick Tour: Setting Up Automation (for Admins)


In this video, we'll go through how to set up an Automation event for your agents including putting together default settings.





Hi there, Logan here with rezora support, in this video we'll be talking about Automation. Automation allows agents to automatically create and send marketing pieces, or take certain other actions like being notified, or adding a contact to a list or drip campaign, based on your rezora subscription model. These actions are based on various event types, such as listing events and contact events.

Before getting to this step we recommend having your templates ready, which do have some requirements, such as being published, and having the correct number of agent and listing tags in them. Once your templates are ready though, you'll want to head to your Automations page, found in the navigation bar here.

From here we can click 'Settings' next to the automation event you want to manage. And the first option we want to select will be the 'Default Event Action'. There are a few options here, this is the default value for when agents enable this event within their account, but please do know they can choose their own action as well.

Next is to select the template, by clicking 'Change Template' here. This is going to give us a list of all the templates that fit the parameters for that particular event type.

Once we've selected the correct template, we can wrap this page up by selecting the default Sphere for this piece to go to, but once again the agent can overwrite this within their own account settings as well.

We'll finally click Save Changes, or if this is your first time activating the event, click the 'Activate Event' button you will see in this area, and repeat this process as needed for the remaining events.

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