Creating and Managing Templates (Video)


Hi there, Logan here with rezora support, in this video we will be talking about managing our templates at the admin level.

Templates serve as a way to provide your agents with content for them to send out themselves. While we'll talk about creating that actual content in another video, in this video here we'll cover various template settings such as editability, default subject lines, and how to provide agents access to the templates you create. Lets' get started by clicking Create a New Template, which can also be found under the Templates menu itself.

We will select the Zephyr option, for this example, I will be choosing the Blank layout, and then finally give the template a Title.

Here we find a handful of fields that we can manage and fill out. The title, of course, will be the title the agent sees and can search for within their own account.

The default subject line, which will be the default subject line for pieces created with this template, though in many, but not all cases the agents can overwrite this with their own subject line.

Editability, which will determine to what extent the template is editable for agents. You can disable this option to make the piece fully locked down, or allow access to editing with some different options here.

On the right-hand side, we see our Access Restrictions options, where you can grant access to all agents and groups, only to selected groups and agents, or only to admins. Let's choose the 'Access granted to selected groups and agents only' option so we can see how that works. Click Save, and we'll have some additional links here to manage access to this template, where we can drag either groups or agents into the access given for this template.

Back over to the template page, we have our Published toggle. Make sure to enable this only when the template is fully ready for agents to use -- without this option checked the only place this template will appear is right here in our admin account.

We also of course have the ability to edit the content of the template, export a PDF of it, and finally creating a marketing piece with it. We'll talk about the marketing piece option in more detail later as well, though as a quick overview -- creating a marketing piece from a template will provide you with a fully static template that can be scheduled on behalf of your agents.

If we scroll down a ways we'll see various reporting metrics for the usage of this template.

And finally, we have our 'archived' option, which will be as close to deleting as we can get. This will revoke access to this template for all users, including admins, and will hide it from our primary view on our Templates page. We can still recover it, however, finding it by toggling the 'archived' filter here, and then simply unarchiving the template in the same way we archived it originally.

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