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In this video, we will cover "Lead Nurture Settings" which will determine your default preferences for Company Scheduled Sends, giving you the ability to opt in or out by default, as well as be notified.




Hi there, Logan here with rezora support, here to talk about Lead Nurture Settings. This feature allows us some default control over whether or not we want to participate in Company Scheduled Marketing Pieces, and if we want to be notified of them as well.

This option is found under Lead Nurture > Lead Nurture Settings

And here we find our two toggles for these settings.

The first is to determine a notification preference -- whether or not we want to be notified of company scheduled sends. With this enabled, we will be notified 7 days before a scheduled date, or, if the 'company scheduled send' is within 7 days, we'll be notified immediately.

The second option is to determine if we want to opt in or out of these by default. Before the release of these settings here, the default has always been to 'opt in'. If you want to keep things the same, we recommend keeping this option enabled.

Keep in mind that normal rules still apply --

Firstly, to take part in a company scheduled send we will want to ensure we have the correct contacts in the Sphere (most commonly being the Primary Sphere) that the piece has been designated to go to.

And secondly, that on our Lead Nurture page, under the Scheduled tab, we can always opt in or out of these scheduled sends manually.

To cover a few common use cases here, if you want to completely set it and forget it, you may simply prefer to disable notifications, and opt you in by default.

If you don't want to participate in ANY, you may disable BOTH.

Or if you want to pick and choose which you'd like to participate in manually, you may enable notifications, but disable opt-in, this way you're being informed, but you get to choose if you'd like to opt in to specific pieces, giving you full manual control.

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