Video: Managing My Listings

In this video, we cover how to connect your listings to your rezora account through the use of both an MLS Agent ID as well as an MLS Listing ID.




Hi there, Logan here with rezora, here to show you how to connect your listings to your rezora account.

We begin by heading to our my listings page, which is found under our account menu here, then selecting My Listings.

We then want to click 'Manage Listing Feeds', and we'll see two options for adding listings to our account. The first option we'll select our MLS, and then add in our Agent ID. Next click Connect, and we'll see the details we've added here, along with showing us we've got 5 listings in total connected to this agent ID.

Now that's great if we know our agent ID, but if we don't we're not totally stuck. So let's go ahead and disconnect here, and look at option 2 on the left hand side.

This option will let us search for our listings via a listing ID or MLS#. So here I'll plug in one of my Listing's MLS#s, and click search.

This pulls up the listing I'm looking for, so we'll go ahead and select it, and it's going to show us some extra details here on the right where we can confirm all this data is accurate. Most importantly though we want to find our self here under the list of names, and select it. Once selected, click Connect Accounts.

And just like before we'll see our Agent ID has been added, which we found through the use of our Listing ID this time, and we can click 'View All 5 listings', which will bring us back to our My Listings page where we can see all 5 of them filling in here automatically.

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