How do I create a Custom Listing?



1. Hover your mouse over the Profile menu (where you see your name and profile photo shown) and select "My Listings".

2. Select the "Custom" tab under the "My Listings" heading then choose the "Add New Custom Listing" button to start a new one.


Custom Listings can alternatively be created as a copy of an existing listing in your account. Next to your listing, click 'Options' >> 'Create Custom Copy'.

3. Add/edit the details for the listing, and add a Custom Listing Link if you have a desired location for the listing to link to. Save all your changes, and then you can upload and re-order images.

4. To use a Custom Listing in a Marketing Piece - change the Listing Type from Residential, to Custom, and click Find. 


5. If you wish to edit this listing in the future, head back to your "My Listings page", click the 'custom' tab, and then next to your listing click 'Options' >> 'Edit Listing'.


NOTE that when adding to a marketing piece - only the fields that are used in that particular template will be populated from the fields you have filled in within the "Custom Listing". Also, the MLS ID will be a Rezora-specific ID as this is not actually coming from an MLS/Listing Feed.


Custom Copy: Custom Listings can also be created as a 'copy' of one of your existing listings. Simply find your listing on the My Listings page, then click 'options' >> 'create custom copy'.



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