How to assign subscriptions

If you are using the 'Company Pay' model to manage your sales agent accounts, you can manage access to subscriptions from your Company Admin account under Sales Agent > Manage Billing.

When an agent creates a new account you are notified via email.

If there are no subscriptions available, you will first need to add a subscription before the agent can start using their account.

You can see how many subscriptions you have under the "Agent Subscriptions section of the Manage Billing page.  If you need to add or remove subscriptions, use the Edit button.

If you have a new person sign up but have no available subscriptions, you can add additional subscriptions:



Once you have created a new subscription. Head to the Sales Agent > Agent Accounts page either in the main menu bar or by clicking the View button. Sort by ‘Activation Required' and then make that account ‘active’. 

To remove a subscription, click on Edit and remove the number of subscriptions that you need to remove. The number of subscriptions cannot be lower than the number of active agents. 



DEACTIVATION –  The person will no longer have access to their account.

Deactivation frees up the subscription for someone else to use. If you also want to reduce the number of subscriptions you have you will need to also change this under the ‘add/remove’ button.

SUSPENDED accounts ARE STILL BILLED. You would only want to suspend someone if you needed to block access to their account for a short period of time.

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