Settings for Image Content Block

To change Settings for an image area, first make sure that a Image Content Block has been added to the email. To add an image block, click the Content tab then drag and drop the Image block in the email.

Adding an Image


Drag an Image block into place then click the Browse button to explore your file manager for images to insert. 

You can Upload images directly in the file manager or Search Free Photos to save a stock photo to your account for use.

Click on the image again to pull up the Content Properties tab on the right.

Click HERE for more info on adding an image.

"Content Properties"

Image - Content Properties

In the "Content Properties" area on the right side of the Email Editor, you can adjust:

  • Width - Leave "Auto width" on to allow the photo to automatically scale or click the "Auto width" option to allow manual adjustment via the width slider.
  • Align - Use the icons to select Left, Center, or Right image alignment.
  • Dynamic Image - Click the toggle here if you are building a Dynamic Row. Check out this article for more on Dynamic Content. (INSERT LINK HERE) 
  • Change Image - Want to replace the image? Click this button to head back to the File Manager and select a new image.
  • Apply effects & more - Looking to alter the image itself by adding some text or a play button overlay? Click here to explore your options. See the separate section below for more info.
  • Alternate text - Read more about the benefits of Alternative Text here.

 Image - Content Properties, cont.

  • Action - This area allows you to link the image to navigate clicks to visit a web page, create an email, make a call, or send a text message. Check out this article for more on how to do so: How Do I Link An Image?
  • Block Options - Looking to alter the padding around this text area or hide the text on Desktop or Mobile devices? Explore these options.




"Apply effects & more"

Apply_Effects_and_More.gif By clicking Apply effects & more you have entered the image editor. 

Here you can do the following to the image:

• Apply a Filter
• Resize, Crop, or Transform (rotate)
• Draw on the image
• Add Text over the image
• Add Shapes over the image
• Add Stickers
• Add a Frame
• Round the Corners

Feel free to play around with the options to create the image your piece needs!


"Block Options"


The "Block Options" section of the Content Properties tab allows you to adjust the padding for the content block itself, as well as hide the content on mobile or desktop environments.

The default setting is a matching pixel count of Padding on each side of the content, but click "More Options" to be able to set each side individually.

The image on the right gives you a rough preview of what your padding changes will look like, but you'll also be able to see the changes in real time in the email.

To "Hide on" a certain type of device, click the name of the environment from which you'd like to hide this content.  

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