How do I link an image?

In the template, click on the Image area that you want to link. This will open a Content Properties area on the right. 

Scroll down to the Action section.

Paste the desired link in the URL field.




Did you know...

it is also possible to link an image to send an email, dial a phone number, or send a text message?

Simply repeat the process detailed above then click the Open Web Page drop-down menu to explore other options:



Send an Email

1. Select "Send Email"

2. Enter the email address you want the link to connect to in the "Mail to" field as well as a default Subject line and Body content

(Think RSVPs)


Make a Call

1. Select "Make Call"

2. Enter the phone number you would like them to call.

Send a Text

1. Select "Send SMS"

2. Enter the phone number you would like them to text.

 - Note: Not all E-mail clients allow for SMS functionality. Check out this article for more info.

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