How do I edit my image?

You have inserted your image into your marketing piece, but you feel like it isn't quite perfect yet. Don't worry, you won't need to make changes in an image editing software and re-upload it, instead you can use the new Zephyr image editor.

The Zephyr image editor is a powerful new tool to allow you to quickly make a change to an image and add it to your piece without needing to leave rezora.


To begin the editing process, click on the image you'd like to edit. You will then click on the Apply Effects & More button to reach the image editor.

Here you'll be presented with many different image editing options. As you make your changes, you'll want to make sure that you Apply them and finally click the Save button to save a new version of the image.

  • Note: The edited image will not "save over" the image but will instead save a new version of the image, with your edits, so no worries if you don't like your changes after all.

If you don't like what you have done, you can always use the Cancel button on the left side of the page to cancel out your current edits and return to the edit menu, or click the Cancel button near the top of the page to stop editing altogether (Just remember that Discard Changes will lose any unsaved changes you have made to the piece as a whole!).

We'll briefly touch on those below, as well as show how to add text to an image!



There are several different editing options within our new Apply Effects & More menu. We encourage you to play around with them, experiment, and get creative.

Here is a break down of some of the most important editing options:

  • Filter - Apply color, tone, and contrast filters to your image with ease. Simply click the Filter Option and explore the different filters available to you. You can even add more than one!

  • Resize - Is your image a bit too big in file size to share via email? Use the Resize option to change up the size. We recommend keeping the "Maintain Aspect Ratio" box checked so your image doesn't get squished. If you need to trim the image, use the next option:

  • Crop -  If your image doesn't quite fit the same aspect ratio of those around it, use this option to trim down your images. Many common aspect ratios are included as presets, but you can also customize the Width and Height on the left to manually size the cropping!

  • Transform - Need to Rotate, Flip, or Mirror your image? This is the option for you!

  • Draw - It is just like it sounds, need to draw or manually mark up the image with your mouse? Use this option to get crazy free-handed!

  • Text - Would you like to add some text to your image? Well, we're happy to say that you can now! Use the Text option (demonstrated in the gif below) to add a little extra something (text) to your image. 

  • Other Options: "Shapes", "Stickers", "Frame", and "Corners" all allow you to add a little extra something to your image. Feel free to try them out if your image needs a little zhuzhing up!




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