Icons in Zephyr will allow you to add icons with associated text. Below is a quick example to help give an idea on just one way to use these:


Icons can be a great way to add some images with associated text.

Here's a quick video to show how this feature works:



But if you prefer text based instructions, we've got your covered a well:

Start by clicking on 'content' at the top right, then drag in an 'icons' content block into your marketing piece. Next, click on that icons block that you have added, and you'll see your options displayed at the top right.

Click 'add new icon' for as many icons as you wish, and I first recommend getting the correct icons in place, by clicking 'change image', and uploading and choosing the proper icon you'd like to use.

Once your icon is in place, you can optionally add some accompanying text to that icon. This is not required, however we find it to be a great and integral part of this feature.

Click 'more options' at the top right next to each of those icons, and then add your text to the 'icon text' area.

After adding the text, you can choose where that text will lie in relation to the icon -- top, bottom, left, or right. In the above example, we have that text on the bottom.

You can also link the icon to a website if you prefer.

Finally, scrolling down on the right side you'll find options to adjust the spacing and sizing of those icons, as well as the font type, size, and color of the accompanying text.

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