Settings for Text Content Block

To change Settings for a text area, first make sure that a Text Content Block has been added to the email. To add a text block, click the Content tab then drag and drop the Text block in the email.

Click here for more detail on how to add a text area.

Click within the text area and start typing create your text content. You will see the WYSIWYG Editor appear.

The "WYSIWYG" Editor

"What You See Is What You Get"


This area behaves much like any WYSIWYG editor. Change font style, size, alignment, and much more in this area.

This area is also where you can link your text. For more on how to link text, check out this article here: How do I link text?

To alter the color of the text as a whole, or to change the link text color, look to the Content Properties area on the right.

"Content Properties"

In the Content Properties area on the right side of the Email Editor, you can adjust:

  • Text Color - Enter hex code or click on the color square to use color picker.
  • Link Color - This will only apply to linked text within the selected text block. Similarly enter hex code or use color picker to select color.
  • Line height - Adjust line-height settings simply by toggling through the 4 preset spacing options.
  • Block Options - Looking to alter the padding around this text area or hide the text on Desktop or Mobile devices? Explore these options.




"Block Options"


The "Block Options" section of the Content Properties tab allows you to adjust the padding for the content block itself, as well as hide the content on mobile or desktop environments.

The default setting is a matching pixel count of Padding on each side of the content, but click "More Options" to be able to set each side individually.

The image on the right gives you a rough preview of what your padding changes will look like, but you'll also be able to see the changes in real time in the email to the left.

To "Hide on" a certain type of device, click the name of the environment from which you'd like to hide this content.  

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