Row Properties for Admins

Row Properties will allow you to customize things like the background color, background image, etc., within a row.

To edit a row's properties, click on the area to the left or right around a row that has been added to your template or marketing piece:


Once you have selected your 'row', you will find ROW PROPERTIES appear along the right:


Unlocked/Locked: This will allow you to lock down content for your agents. If the lock is enabled, agents will not be able to edit this content. If left unlocked, agents will be able to edit the row to add their own content.

Row background color: This will allow you to adjust the background color of the full row, stretching to the widths of the row.

Content background color: This will allow you to adjust the background color restricted to the content area. To help visualize this better, please feel free to apply a different color to the row and content to see each area that will be affected.

Do not stack on mobile: If your row contains multiple column, this option will allow you to avoid the content "stacking" on top of each other in a mobile view. Feel free to toggle and check out the 'preview' at the top of the page, then select the 'mobile' preview to see the difference.

Row background image: This will allow you to add an image that will serve as the background of the row. Please keep in mind that background images do not have full support across all email clients, so it can be beneficial to add a background color to the row that is similar to the image you are using here.

Display condition: This allows you to customize when this row will be visible. You can place conditions such as if the contact viewing the piece is labeled as a 'hot contact', etc.

COLUMN PROPERTIES: Under this setting you can adjust settings specific to a column in the row. If your row contains multiple columns, you will see the option to adjust these on a per-column basis. You will be able to adjust Column Background Color, Column Padding, and Column Borders.
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