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In this video, we cover how to save a row and locate it later to make edits in your Company Admin account.




Hi there, Logan here with rezora support, in this video, we'll be talking about how to save a row, as well as manage and edit it later.

So here we are in a zephyr template and we've already got some great content built. This here in particular is a listing row with some dynamic tags to pull in the image and listing details. So let's say this row is all ready and I want to save it so I can use it later.

That's going to be done with a very quick click here, we'll select the row, and then select the 'save' icon right here, also found out here to the right. If this is an existing row we'll get the option to update the existing row, but for now, we'll choose the 'Save as a New Row' option. Then we want to go give this row a title, which I'll name 'Single Listing w/ Description'.

Keywords are also very important, I'm going to name this one "Logan" just so I can track it down really easily later with my keyword 'Logan' but feel free to use any keywords that make sense for you.

Finally, we'll go ahead and click 'Save Row', and OK that should be all set! We can exit out of the template here, and then to find this row later, we want to hover over 'Templates' > 'Row Manager', and since this row was saved recently, it should be appearing here at the top, but we can also search by 'Title', or even keyword, and it'll pull it up for us here.

We can manage that row here by clicking it once, using the 'Clone' option we can clone it and create a duplicate; we can manage the visibility of this to make it available for only agents, or only admins, change the publish status if we want to pull it back for a bit -- but you'll usually want to keep these published.

And finally, we can click 'Edit' which will place us in an isolated row editor so we can make any changes we want to the row. Once we do make a change, we'll see the save option here at the top right. 

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