Video: Authorizing a Collection

In this video, we'll cover authorizing a Collection as an agent. This will provide us with access to the templates contained within that collection, often containing already scheduled pieces by our marketing team.




Hi there, Logan here with rezora, in this video we're going to talk about Collections,

Which are effectively a way for our marketing team to provide us with a set of templates, while giving us an opt-in mechanism on our side, as collections often contain 'Company Scheduled Marketing Pieces'.

If you've been with rezora for a while, you may have known these previously as 'Campaigns'.

We find our Collections under "Lead Nurture" > "Collections"

And here we'll see all our available collections. One of the most common ones we see is a Holiday or Seasonal Suite. Please know that it is not mandatory to participate in these, but if we do want to, We'll click Authorize, and Confirm, and we've now been given access to all the templates contained in that Collection.

Many times these templates are going to be scheduled on our behalf, and if so we can find them on our Lead Nurture > Manage Marketing Pieces page, on the Scheduled tab here.

Keep in mind that we can opt out of these individually, but are opted in by default. Additionally, and very importantly, these 'Company Scheduled Sends' will be automatically sent to the 'Sphere' that our marketing team had selected, most often being the Primary Sphere. The Primary Sphere of course can be managed from our Contacts page directly, or we can add contacts to it while we're importing them via a CSV file.

Sometimes templates contained within a Collection are not scheduled on our behalf, and when this is the case, we can find them by heading to Create a New Marketing piece, scrolling down on the left hand side to find the Collection we authorized, and toggling this filter, which will show us all of the non-scheduled templates in that collection.

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