Marketer Distribution Lists

Admins are able to upload marketer distribution lists that can be shared with agent accounts!

The short version:

As an admin, you are able to upload a CSV file into a marketer distribution list in your admin account. This list can then be shared with individual agents, or groups of agents at your choosing. The agents are then able to accept the list on their side and will be able to send to the new contacts you've given them. The contacts exist in a special state that does not allow agents to edit, export, delete, or move those contacts.


The long version:

To upload a new list, hover your mouse over Agents >> Manage Marketer Contacts >> Import CSV File. The process from here is very similar to uploading contacts into an agent account, with some very important differences.

From this next page, you can download our blank sample file with the CSV file format. Once your list is ready

  • click 'choose file' to track down your CSV file that you are importing
  • Create your new Marketer Distribution list by using the drop down menu next to 'Add these contact to Marketer Distribution List:'
  • And finally import your file!

You'll next need to give access for this list to the agents or groups of your choosing. Once more, hover your mouse over Agents >> Manage Marketer Contacts, and then select either 'Manage Agent Access' or 'Manage Group Access'.

From either page, simply drag over the needed agent[s] or groups[s] to the proper distribution list[s] on the right.

The agent will then need to accept the list from their contacts page in order to access these contacts. 


Important distinctions:

  • A Marketer Distribution List is not a "running" list like in an agent's account. If a new file is imported into an existing Marketer List, the contacts in this file will fully replace the existing list. For example, if your original Marketer List had 200 contacts, and a new file is imported into that list with 50 contacts, the end result for this Marketer List will be only those 50 contacts in the new file.
  • In the agent's account, they will not be able to edit or move Marketer Contacts, and they will not be able to edit, add to, or remove contacts from the Marketer List. Also, they will not be able to export these contacts to a CSV file like with their other contacts.
  • To remove a Marketer List from an agent's account, simply revoke their access from the same step you'd given them access.
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