Video: Difference between account types

In this video, we'll cover the difference between your Company Admin account and your Sales Agents accounts. We also cover how to assume into an Agent account that has enabled the "Allow Marketer Access" option.




Hi there, Logan here with rezora support. In this video we'll be talking about the difference between your company admin account, which we see here, and your sales agents accounts, which we'll take a look at in the second half of this video.

Company admins perform actions that generally affect your company system as a whole. You can create templates, manage your agent accounts, and much more. We'll dive into all those features in more depth later, but for now let's quickly check out an agent account.

Agent accounts are where the actual sending happens. Provided you've given them access, which is generally the default setting for most content in rezora, they WILL have some level of control over the content they send out. For any agent account that has enabled the 'allow marketer access option', you will see an option here to assume into their account.

Let's assume into Amelia's account here, so we can see what their interface is looking like.

As we can see, the navigation bar at the top is already different. For example, Sales Agents cannot create their own templates. Instead, they must create a marketing piece from one of the templates you've provided them with from your company admin account.

The last thing I want to look at here is the profile for the agent accounts. We'll see some basic information here like Username and Contact info. Much of this will pull in automatically into the footer of their marketing pieces, as per the design you've set for the template.

Importantly, at the bottom right here, we'll find the 'allow marketer access' option, which will allow you as the admin to assume into their account. Since this provides full access to the account, and all of the information such as contacts they've entered, this option should only be enabled by the agents themselves to ensure their data privacy is being respected.

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