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In this video, we'll cover a few important and useful performance metrics.





Hi there!

Danny here with rezora Support. In this video, we'll be taking a tour of some of the metrics and statistics you can see in your Company Admin account.

We are here on the Dashboard and we'll get started by looking at the Marketing Response Rates. This will show Opens and Clicks over time. We are using a demo system here so it's not unusual for these numbers to appear so small as there haven't been any recent sends. Your system will likely have much higher numbers once your team begins using the system.

We can change the time period and take a look at "All Time" for example. We then refresh this graph to get a report of performance Month by Month. This lets us see which months may have been more active than others.

Scrolling down a little bit, we have our Recently Activated Marketing Materials, which is going to show the Reach, Opens, and Clicks for your recently activated marketing materials.

We also get this same information over on our "Templates" page. For example, I know we have a "Quarterly In the News" template. Let's look at the performance metrics for that one.

Under "Sends/Uses" we can click this number here to see who has been using this template and how many times. In this case, Camilla has sent pieces using this template 4 times.

Similarly for the "Reach", while we won't be shown the actual contacts themselves, we can see that Camilla has sent pieces using this template to 28 contacts. We'll get similar information for Opens and Clicks as well.

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