Quick Start: New Account Setup

Need to Signup?

Let's get started!  This is the universal rezora signin and signup page:
Most rezora users will need that universal signup link, however some rezora clients have a special signup page or process they use -- check with your team to confirm!
One, Two, Three
Once you create your rezora account, you'll want to complete three steps before sending your first marketing piece.
1. Account Page
2. My Listings Page
3. Contacts Page
STEP ONE: The Account Menu
When you first signin to your new rezora account, it's a good idea to look around a bit!  You'll start on the Dashboard, where you'll soon be able to see your overall analytics info.
To start setting up your rezora account, click the Account menu near the top right corner of the page.
Upload your good profile image, and fill in all the fields on the left side of the page, then click Save.  Your marketing pieces will use this contact info to personalize your emails!
Important Notes
The email address entered on the Account page will be the one that appears in the From field of your sent emails.  We strongly recommend using your company email address for the best deliverability and engagement.
STEP TWO: The My Listings Page
What is the My Listings page?
One of the best features in rezora is our MLS integration!  Listings from your feed or MLS are pulling into rezora, and can be easily dropped into marketing pieces.

Listings can also prompt Automation Events if your account has access to this product.
While you can search for a listing by MLS # while creating a marketing piece, it's really convenient to have your listings pull up automatically!  To do this, you'll add your Agent ID to the My Listings page.
What if you want to market a listing that isn't in the MLS?  Create a Custom Listing!
STEP THREE: The Contacts Page
The Basics
The final step of setting up your account is to add your contacts.  For each marketing piece you send, you'll be able to select individual contacts or entire distribution lists as recipients.
Each contact in rezora must have a unique email address; this is one way that we make sure that duplicate emails aren't sent to your contacts.
You can create a new contact by hovering over the Contacts menu, and choosing Add New Individual Contact.
To add multiple contacts at once, import them!   You can import a csv file of your contacts, and during the import you'll be able to specify a distribution list they should go to.
Please take a moment to check our Anti-SPAM Policy, and make sure your that contacts are compliant.
Managing your Lists
To create a distribution list, click on the green 'New' button on the right side of the Contacts page, type in the name of the list, and click Save.  You will be "zoomed-in" to that list, and you can drag individual contacts to be part of that list. To "zoom-out", click 'Open'.
You can create as many lists as you'd like, and they can overlap.  Don't worry -- rezora will always remove any duplicate contacts if you select more than one list for your marketing piece.
Your Primary Sphere distribution list can be used for your marketing pieces, but it also is used as the recipient list for company-scheduled marketing pieces.  Make sure you add the appropriate contacts to this list if you'd like to participate!
For more information about contacts in rezora, see this useful article!
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