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Hi there, Logan here with rezora support, in this video we'll be talking about Company Spheres.

Company Spheres are unique distribution lists that your agents add their own contacts to. These spheres will then serve as the recipients list for your company-scheduled marketing pieces. This feature is managed from under our Account here, under Company Spheres.

Each account comes with a default Primary Sphere, however as needed you can add additional spheres. For example let's go ahead and add a Past Buyers sphere here.

Giving it a name, and a description so our agents know what kind of contacts to add to this list.

Once we're ready we'll click 'save changes'. We are met with an alert to let us know agents are going to be receiving an email about this update, that way they'll know a new sphere has been created and they can add contacts to it.

With that being saved, we can go ahead and hop over to a template that needs to be scheduled so we can see where this list can be used. Here we find a Happy Holidays piece that has not yet been scheduled, but under the Schedule area we see our recipients list section here. If we click this option, we'll see our default primary sphere, but we'll also see this new Past Buyers list here as well.


The video above will take you through the whole process from start to finish, but just in case you're more of a text-based learner, you can follow the steps below:


Until recently, you could only schedule pieces to go to contacts in agents' Primary Spheres. Now, with a recent enhancement, you can create additional spheres to help you and your agents segment your content/contacts so you're able to send more appropriate content to segments of contacts! Overall the feature still works the same, you simply have more "spheres" now!

To setup additional spheres, hover over your Account menu, then select Company Spheres.


From there you can click 'Add another sphere' to begin adding additional spheres -- give it a name, and a description so agents will know the purpose of that sphere.

When you create and save a new one, your agents will receive an alert that there's a new sphere ready for them.

Once the sphere is created, you'll then be able to select that new sphere on the step where you would schedule your marketing piece.

Click here to learn more about scheduling a marketing piece on behalf of your agents.


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